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  • 02 Dec 2020

<p>Shafii Hussein Ally 24 year&rsquo;s old young entrepreneur is one of the TECC beneficiaries who believe in entrepreneurship. Before joining the TECC program he was dealing with electrical repairs. He was introduced to TECC with his friend in 2018 but couldn&rsquo;t get a chance to participate in the program as he missed the application deadline. In 2019 he heard of the new training opportunity from TECC through Via: Jiandalie Ajira Programme and applied for an interview which he passed. He got trained in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Life Skills, and later assigned a business mentor.</p> <p>&ldquo;I learned a lot from the training and gained lots of confidence to pursue my dreams. Proper use of money and budgeting, financial literacy, customer service, branding, and so many other business aspects. I also learned the importance of business registration. Being registered allows one to operate formally thereby gain recognition by authorities and other supportive institutions such as those offering capital. Shortly the training made a huge difference in my entrepreneurship journey.&rdquo; Shafii explained</p> <p>Shafii was lucky enough to access a loan in a group with other beneficiaries after the training that enabled him to buy a motorbike. He is now a motorbike driver that generates a minimum of 100,000 /- TZS in revenue weekly. What he earns is used to support his family and the rest is saved through mobile banking. He says him playing the role of an accountant in their group enabled him to keep learning the importance of record-keeping that was also part of the lesson during the training.</p> <p>&ldquo;I do keep the records of money transactions in our group to avoid any potential misunderstandings in the future. We will be finishing paying off our loan soon enough. When the loan is clear I want to open a mobile banking shop here in Mtwara. It is one of my dreams that I want to fulfill. Through TECC I was able to connect with many potential people here in Mtwara so I have a bank of people for customers&rdquo; He added</p> <p>Shafii is now a motorbike driver during the day time and electrical engineering student from VETA during the evening. He explained various challenges he encounters from his close people now that he is excelling in what he does. His advice to young people is to be of support to others who are struggling to positively grow financially and reach somewhere good in life. That the world is full of great ideas but success only comes through action and support from others.</p>