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  • 02 Dec 2020

Esther Stephano Akwachuni is a 23 years old young entrepreneur and the first child in a family of 5. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs engaged in various business activities, Esther began doing business at a very young age selling flitters and boiled bananas to SIDO staff in Mtwara. In 2019 Esther was fortunate enough to be introduced to TECC by her close friend. She applied for the opportunity and underwent a TECC interview which she passed. She tells the training was life-changing for her. TECC introduced her to the real world of entrepreneurship by providing her with business management, life skills, and mentoring services that opened her mind. "I acquired the basics from my father but TECC did it all. I was encouraged to start with what I have. I am currently dealing with poultry, I began with 3 chickens but now I own more than 29 chickens and 2 pigeons. The little I get from selling chickens help me in acquiring home basic needs and the rest I deposit to my savings account at TPB Bank. I was also given TECC branded notebook during the training that I still use to date in keeping records of everything I do in my business." Esther explained. She is currently hustling to start her new catering business "Mama Lishe" She tells to have learned during the training never to give up on her passion but rather keep fighting. She explains how her father fights to thrive in business despite his old age and him being her biggest supporter when it comes to business. "My father has been my biggest mentor and supporter, he was delighted when I got an opportunity to be trained by TECC on entrepreneurship for he knew it was the best opportunity for me to learn and acquire skills in doing business. I am now looking at things with a bigger picture, I no longer want to settle for less, and that is why any challenge that comes my way I change it to an opportunity. Above all, TECC taught me how to connect and engage with people." Esther added. Esther sees herself becoming one of the biggest business lady in Tanzania and abroad. Her dream is to someday accomplish her father & wish of opening an orphanage as a gratitude to her father for being her guardian throughout her business journey. She believes that good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. SIDO (Small Industries Development Organization is a Government Agency mandated to promote SME development through Training, Credit, and Technology development.