Approach to services

TECC’s approach is driven by

Pro-active attitude to changing environment

Guided by a close follow-up and examination of stakeholders’ expectations through market analysis and studies. The Market analysis and Advisory department will be at the forefront of TECC’s strategy orientation and therefore product development.

Long term strategic partnerships and countrywide institutional network

TECC, like its originator programme BDG, will continue to work with technical strategic partners including SIDO, ZNCCIA, TCCIA and private business growth experts. TECC’s role will be more those of a lead facilitator than a service deliverer. By teaming up with number of strategic partners TECC will be in a position to work within all regions of Tanzania, where selected training institutions and BSPs will act as TECC’s representatives. Furthermore, TECC will constantly work on bringing in new strategic partners such as investment and SMEs loans Match Maker, Norsad, Acumen Fund, Oiko Credit, In-return Capital, Oryx, PASS Trust and willing banks.

Focus on Innovation

Putting the emphasis on promoting and encouraging the development of an entrepreneurship adapted to incorporate methods supporting creativity, alertness, critical/smart thinking and analysis. TECC’s innovation grants will stimulate and accelerate innovation processes of SMEs and contribute to strengthen their businesses.

Promotion of Cluster initiatives

As the most appropriate way to build competitiveness at local level through catalyzing firm level and cluster level innovation. In partnership with stakeholders active in the field (i.e COSTECH) TECC will be involved in the training of cluster development experts, facilitators, cluster leaders and in the mapping of clusters where this expertise will be utilized.