To train and Consulting on Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovations by delivering interventions at three levels:

  • Macro (Local Business Environment for MSMEs)
  • Meso (Capacity Building of BDSPs to support SMEs)
  • Micro (building knowledge, skills and competencies for effective starting and growing businesses


TECC services at the macro level are aimed at contributing to improving the business environment for MSME at local government levels. In other words, TECC will facilitate building capacity of MSMEs to articulate issues that affect their businesses directly as mirrored by national policies. This includes the organisation of MSME targeted workshops to assist in building synergies by way of sharing knowledge and information on SME development, workable strategies for overcoming MSME challenges and feedback; networking and awareness creation on current issues concerning the business environment.


The services at Meso level feature prominently under TECC by further building skill and knowledge capacity to trainers and institutions such as chambers, business clubs and local government agencies to be able to deliver similar training to members and other MSMEs in their own areas. This is a continuous process combined with targeted capacity building measures to maintain high-quality standards and the anticipated impact on the micro level. Some of the training strategies to adopt will include refining content and improvements in delivery methods. A TECC Information Resource Centre will be available and accessed by MSME researchers and practitioners. An important aspect of assuring those TECC performance standards are maintained will be the certification of TECC trainers

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According to their years of experience TECC will distinguish:

  • Senior TECC Trainer ( > 5 years experience as trainer in fields relevant to TECC);
  • TECC Trainer ( 2 – 5 years experience as trainer in fields relevant to TECC)
  • Junior TECC Trainer (university graduate, no practical training experience)

At meso level TECC will also focus on strengthening the capacity of existing mentors and scale up its current size. The role of mentors under TECC will be to diversify into business support services such as proper use of loan finances, linkages to venture capital and other international credits and modernisation of enterprises.

Another important aspect is awareness building measures in order to promote innovative thinking and initiativesPublic-private dialogue will further help to disseminate the TECC approach and philosophy of entrepreneurship development particularly focusing on innovation and competitiveness.


The TECC portfolio addressing the micro level will largely benefit from the extensive and profound experience and know how gathered under BDG, MGP and CCP. Hence the proposed portfolio has been based on products developed and successfully introduced by BDG, MGP and CCP. These products will build knowledge, skills and competency and promote innovation and competitiveness. Content and duration will be enriched by designing packages for start-up entrepreneurs and for growth level businesses. New types of skills development focusing on innovation and competitiveness building will be introduced targeting MSMEs.