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Via Jiandalie Ajira Cycle 5 Youth Training

The first day of  Entrepreneurship Business Management and Life Skills training to Via Jiandalie Ajira Cycle five youth in all four regions.[...]

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TECC meeting up with Permanent Secretary in the Prime Ministers Office

Prof. Faustine Kamuzora – Permanent Secretary in the Prime Ministers Office holding a discussion with TECC management to understand TECC programmes and result achieved so far.[...]

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Business clinic in Lindi

A full day of on-site business advisory by entrepreneurship and business experts in Lindi through the Business clinic coordinated by TECC.[...]

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Training to Mentors on Corporate Governance in Lindi

The first ever training session for voluntary business mentors in Lindi on Corporate Governance for appreciating their role in supporting Kijana Jiajiri youth entrepreneurs.[...]

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Training to Kijana Jiajiri promising youth in Lindi

Training on Marketing, Costing and pricing to 30 Kijana Jiajiri beneficiaries with promising business in Lindi on progress.[...]

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