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Zinduka Lindi

Youth aged 18-30 in Lindi attending  #Zinduka workshop for the purpose of understanding #KijanaJiajiri programme which had started.[...]

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LGAs Officers and BDSPs Trainning

LGAs and BDSPs training on Innovation and Competitiveness  held in Lindi for the purpose of Local actors to start owning various processes on Kijana Jiajiri programme thereby fostering systematic change and programme sustainability after phase out.[...]

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A joint discussion among Youth and IYF

A joint discussion among VIA Jiandalie Ajira beneficiaries and IYF president on youth benefit they received since they joined the programme.[...]

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VIA Jiandalie Ajira audition

VIA Jiandale Ajira audition for 3 Cycle on progress at Mtwara, Dare es Salaam, Kibaha and Dodoma.[...]

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Trainers Orientation

VIA Jiandalie Ajira Trainers orientation on progress at Mayfair Plaza Hotel.[...]

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